Thursday, June 10, 2010

Citywide Ban On Plastic Bags?

D. Middleton has left a new comment on your post "Have An Idea For A Topic?":

This is for a post a comment. I take a lot of pride that Alliance citizens are enthusiastic about protecting and conserving the beautiful city/state in which we live. I think another step forward in that conservation is discontinuing the use of plastic bags by retailers. I already see a huge amount of people bringing their own bags into stores. I think the ease of use of reusable bags will continue to make plastic bags obsolete. I know everyone hates to see these plastic bags blowing in the wind, hanging in trees and taking up space in their utility closet. A citywide ban would would be a tremendous step forward in eliminating waste in our community. Kudos to everyone who recycles these bags, but couldn't we take it a step further and set an example for other communities by eliminating them altogether?


  1. Goodness, haven't we had enough government intrusion in our lives?

  2. Ya know, the idea of people using those bags that we can buy is really a good one. But there are people on fixed income or using foodstamps that can't afford them.Think of how many bags it would take if you feed a lot of kids. To make a ban or a law is once again overstepping the role of government, in my opinion. Government can't and shouldnt dictate every breath a person takes.

  3. The same people that use those bags spend a fortune in buying trash bags.....that end up in our landfill.
    I get my groceries in plastic bags, but reuse them to line my trash cans and to dispose of my trash. Yes, they end up in the landfill, but so do those fancy bags you are buying for your trash.
    Does anybody know that facts on which of these type bags decompose quicker??? That fact may help people like me change, I will ALWAYS use products that are better for the environment.

  4. Dear Rachel: Remember June 13, 2010, when and if you get elected to the city council, the statement that you made regarding government ban's and law's.


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