Thursday, June 10, 2010

Citywide Ban On Plastic Bags?

D. Middleton has left a new comment on your post "Have An Idea For A Topic?":

This is for a post a comment. I take a lot of pride that Alliance citizens are enthusiastic about protecting and conserving the beautiful city/state in which we live. I think another step forward in that conservation is discontinuing the use of plastic bags by retailers. I already see a huge amount of people bringing their own bags into stores. I think the ease of use of reusable bags will continue to make plastic bags obsolete. I know everyone hates to see these plastic bags blowing in the wind, hanging in trees and taking up space in their utility closet. A citywide ban would would be a tremendous step forward in eliminating waste in our community. Kudos to everyone who recycles these bags, but couldn't we take it a step further and set an example for other communities by eliminating them altogether?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Medical Facility Questions Clarified.

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I am the person who on May 26th was questioning the medical facilities at BBGH. It seems that maybe my question was misunderstood. I realize that the billing department in hospitals has to be questioned from time to time. I live in Colorado and unfortunately on many occasions have had the misfortune of having been a patient at a various number of hospitals. I know that you have to be accurately aware of your billing.. You have to go over your billing (from every dept.) with a fine tooth comb to make sure you are not being over-billed. Sadly in most cases we have to fight with the hospital and the insurance company. But That is really not the question I was asking. Here is the real problem I am wrestling with. As a senior citizen with a few medical problems what would my options be If I were to have a heart attack? If I had cancer and needed extensive treatments? Or any other medical emergency that BBGH could not take care of? I do not want under any time to cast any doubts on the medical shortcomings of any hospital. My only concern is that Alliance is a small town and I certainly would like to know what my options for the best medical care would be and the added financial burden to my family if I had to be treated in a bigger facility such as in Denver or Lincoln or Omaha. As a kid and a young adult growing up in a small town these questions were mute because as you all know we never think we are going to get sick or have some catastrophic illness. But as we get older the first questions we start asking ourselves is where can we get the best medical help. Now I realize that there is a trade-off in everything. What I guess I'm asking of you senior citizens of Alliance is, is it worth it to live in Alliance, Which by the way I think is the most wonderful little town in America.