Friday, November 5, 2010

A Letter From A Local Veteran

To all may fellow Vet’s and their Spouses:

I just want to say thanks for all you have done. I wish I could attend the annual Alliance Public Schools Salute to Veterans program that will take place Sunday, November 7 at 2 p.m. at the Alliance High Gym, but I have to work. My thoughts will be with you on this special day and I pray that all people in a America will do the same were ever they are.

And for all who might not really approve of the current world situation - it is your right as an American to do so, but remember you had a Father/Mother, Grandparents, etc. that did serve the country proudly to make the USA the best place in the world to live in for all for us.

Thanks again!

BM1 (SW) John M. Murphy
US Navy Ret. 1983-2004

No Time To Waste

Submitted by Sue Murphy

I was introduced to this site and was fascinated with voices speaking to real feelings related to Alliance. Even though I have tried I feel isolated living here. I grew up in the area and left,but decided this was where I wanted to raise my child, build a life, and retire with my husband and just be content. I have those memories of opportunities of being elsewhere but I am here and now. Tell me what you love about our community. Share with me what makes this town tic. Help me to redefine my gut instinct to move back. I have met amazing people here. They aren't only friendly they are intelligent, gifted, hard working people. I am going to begin today by telling myself and those I meet in my travel's that I live in the best kept secret in America. Will you help me see, feel and truly believe that? My time is valuable I don't want to waste anymore time looking for somewhere else. Sue

Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Policy

Due to the overwhelming amount of potentially libelous comments on the blog, we have decided to require that people include their names with their comments.  We understand that this will reduce the comments to near zero, but we feel this policy is in everyone's best interest.