Friday, November 5, 2010

No Time To Waste

Submitted by Sue Murphy

I was introduced to this site and was fascinated with voices speaking to real feelings related to Alliance. Even though I have tried I feel isolated living here. I grew up in the area and left,but decided this was where I wanted to raise my child, build a life, and retire with my husband and just be content. I have those memories of opportunities of being elsewhere but I am here and now. Tell me what you love about our community. Share with me what makes this town tic. Help me to redefine my gut instinct to move back. I have met amazing people here. They aren't only friendly they are intelligent, gifted, hard working people. I am going to begin today by telling myself and those I meet in my travel's that I live in the best kept secret in America. Will you help me see, feel and truly believe that? My time is valuable I don't want to waste anymore time looking for somewhere else. Sue


  1. Okay, I got a (1)'funny' bing in 12 hours! Okay, my idea may be a "fluff-puff" piece however it is intentional. We just had local election's. I want to hear from our newly elected official's what they feel about Our town...Where they want to move us in a new positive direction. I want those tenure official's to inspire me. I have to put my name on this so let's go all the way with it. I put you on my ballot. What about you business owner's, I like to spend...why should I purchase your services and product's? As I mentioned with "topic" convince me purchasing a home here is a good long term investment for my family and this town. I know Anonymous people defended themselves over the course of a year...don't be shy. And what about you other's taking the 'high road'?
    Only a starter...but.....
    I loved the customer service we received at Cover Jones when we recently bought our Jeep.
    I feel like a better person after chatting with Greg Carter at hardware Hanks.
    I get a good laugh at Bernie's
    I love the goodies at Harris Sales Store.
    Safeway's deli makes life easier.
    I absolutely love the city Sanitation dept. I am grateful I don't have to pay for my lawn limbs and grass desposal. They all are a great group of guy's. They wave at me when they pass by...mean's alot to me! This is just a warm up of only a few very important people in my day- to- day life. Tell me your's. (Forgive my typing it is terrible!) Sue

  2. III Part Series
    It is unorthodox to be writing to 'my' blog for third time, clearly going no where. This will be my last installment, promise. I grew up being told to speak only when spoken to so the nerve I have had to share on a local level is definitely out of my element. I took the risk because as mentioned I am here for the long haul. I have had to do some serious soul searching to get to this point.
    Recently over the summer we went camping in CO. Specificly Waldon, CO. near Fort Collins (60 mi-90+min. drive) pull up their demographic's. Beautiful place who wouldn't want to live there. I asked a shop owner why there was so many farm and ranch properties for sale, she said that 'many just couldn't make a go and many if not most were aging population and economy too expensive to maintain'. I thought this would be the perfect place to have a bed and breakfast until after a week of no cell phone and internet service thot' might be a problem. 6 months prior, my husband and I took a day trip into WY. I couldn't believe the open land mass with what I thought was a state with endless natural resources and potential, yet the small ghost town's struck me. Over the course of a year I have been looking at my home differently. I have been asking many question's, looking at our demographic's, paying closer attention to the local/state news, listening to the mood around town. I can't help but think of states and rural communities next door. SD. is struggling predominantly, rural.
    Simply and to the point...Alliance (I feel) need's to change it's internal dialog of how it describes itself. The city organizer's are doing their 'darndest' to move us forward. I personally have been guilty of being hard on the educational system. I don't appologize for this, it is fine that many disagree with me in how to do it. I know that if I am not part of the solution than I am the problem. Let me be clear, if we don't have a strong educational system then people won't want to move here and stay.
    We are doing many of the right thing's... we have BBGH to serve the retiring pop., housing for older folks, a highway 'hopefully' express way going through it, gaining ground with industry-distribution, transportation (BNSF!) don't forget our truck driver's, land to expand industry and company's, pretty parks and quality bike/walking paths, shops that sustain us, restaraurants. Agriculture! Historic Museums, Art Museum, Airport. Beautiful Public Library Learning Center-WNCC. A well developed college could bring us an influx of numerous YOUNG people! To survive it is paramount to keep our young people!!! Alliance need's more opportunities to incentivise our youth to find training and skills locally, work opportunities in technology and industry fields here in Alliance! To prosper look for future innovative business/career trend's: Marketing, Security, SALES, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Information, Law, Services, Technology, Trade, Travel!!! We have all these thing's but again futures and innovation! Sustaining with competitiveness. Finally...'really'...researching ghost town's in rural takes one major industry to leave. Over time farm and rancher's to retire without a legacy to pass on to youth. Technology and new industry is great but Box Butte will die without our bread and butter...farmer's and rancher's to get us there. I don't for a minute take anything for granted especially the faces I see here in Alliance, we need all of you to be happy and think highly of our treasure best kept secret in America. Pretend, role-play until it is a reality. Sue
    Forgive my typing/spelling it is terrible.

  3. Funny but read
    By Rick Willis Wed., Dec 8, 2010


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