Friday, October 29, 2010

Press Release from City of Alliance

City Calls In State To Investigate Finance Department: Staff of the City of Alliance, have discovered irregularities in the Finance Department. On Friday, October 22, 2010, the Interim City Manager, with the approval of the City Council, requested the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office to authorize the Nebraska State Patrol to investigate the irregularities including charges on a City credit card.  Assistance of the Nebraska State Auditor’s Office was requested to review City financial records.  Employees of the Nebraska State Patrol and the Nebraska State Auditor’s Office were in Alliance to begin their investigation.  The City of Alliance has no further comment until the investigations are complete.


  1. Maybe I'm missing something here, but something stinks with the timing of this. I certainly hope that this is about the truth and not about a vendetta.

  2. Good grief how long does it take to get some result's around here? Transparency or has the City gone underground until they think we have acquired amnesia. I haven't! I see my utility bill each month.
    I sing: "up... up... in the air... is my beautiful... my beautiful ballooooon" It's not attractive.
    I am anxiously anticipating my property taxes to go up when this assessor comes by for tea and biscuit's. Don't tell him but my cooking is as bad as my operatic talent's.
    I have recently spent weeks looking at KCOW archive material back to 2004. Weird part is that history tends to repeat itself and it explains why Alliance tends to function on "out of sight out of mind"
    Ugh! I have been as patient as possible!
    Helloooo? Helloooo!!!!
    Jeff's blog has been lonely too long. Thanksgiving is over so let's fit this in before Christmas.
    Does the city have recess like congress, shouldn't they be back in session by now?


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