Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vendor Permits, Licensing, And Occupational Tax Codes

Excerpts from an article by DENICE ABY, Times-Herald Writer

ALLIANCE — Residents of Alliance often see vendors set up at various places who sell all manner of goods, including fruit and vegetables, clothing, jewelry, and household goods or furnishings.
The Alliance Municipal Code outlines specific regulations in regard to the buying, selling and distribution of goods and services, to a large extent outlining specific fees charged to peddlers and solicitors, and states that the administration of an occupation tax is to be levied on these certain merchants.
While the code has specific definitions of the terms peddler and solicitor, it does not specifically define the term “transient merchant,” and it includes exemptions for buying, selling, or soliciting of goods by cooperation associations, religious and charitable purposes, and the sales of goods or services to established merchants, or the sale of farm or garden products, or manufactured articles, grown or raised in Nebraska.

For the complete story, read the October 16, 2010 Alliance Times-Herald.

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