Monday, February 7, 2011

The Cure For The Winter Blues

By Steve Stackenwalt

Last week, as I shivered into work a little before 8:00 a.m., I asked my office cronies to help me think of something positive about the bitter cold of winter. John Weare quickly offered up the fact that there are much fewer annoying bugs in winter. Good point! I actually felt a little better, as I my mind quickly flashed to memories of slapping mosquitoes, swatting flies, squishing spiders and protecting my little girls from inevitable daily bee attack.
About this time of year, most of us begin to feel the winter blues. The ice-cold mornings, window scraping, snow shoveling, late sunrises and early sunsets start to take their toll. Homes begin to feel like prisons, as we are trapped inside, living in survival mode as we wait for the slightest hint of warmth and sunshine. And the more kids you are ‘doing time’ with, the more you long to escape to the outdoors – or at least help them escape.
So, in hopes of bringing a little emotional warmth to what we can be sure will be lot more cold days, I will share with everyone the top ten positive things about winter I have found. I will also post these on our blog at, so you can vote on your favorite and even add your own.
1.     You can store various food items and beverages in your garage – or porch if you don’t have dogs (or bears)
2.     Winter holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
3.     Warm, comfort food like pies and soups and hot drinks like cider and cocoa
4.      Baggy clothes that hide the extra weight you put on during those holidays by eating warm, comfort foods and drinks
5.      When you are cold, you can always add more clothes, but when you’re hot, you can only take so much off – legally
6.      Winter sports like skiing, ice fishing, and hunting
7.      You don’t have to cut grass, trim bushes or rake leaves
8.      For the ladies, you don’t have to shave your legs as often (husbands my choose to comment on blog about this one)
9.     Many of us sleep better in the winter, as the hibernation instinct kicks in
10.   Finally… snowmen, sledding, warm fires, sparkling trees, snowball fights, gentle snowfalls and of course the one we all know and love, “We can sure use the moisture!”
Stay warm and enjoy the blessings of the seasons!

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