Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Anonymous said...
I am so curious as to why our "Alliance Times Herald" does NOT even put a score of our Jr./Varsity or Freshman Volleyball games in the paper, little lone their own article of their game? They are in high school and work hard to get nothing at all from our LOCAL news! I've noticed our area newspapers even put articles of their middle school sports events..We do have a sports page and I feel when there is local sports going on in town, they should all get some recognition.
Anonymous said...
I often wonder that too. There are always sports going on locally but they choose to put in a bunch of national stuff. I would rather see more local. It would probably boost paper sales too!! Especially with pictures. I have to say sometimes they do a really really good job and then other times it's like why??
Steve Stackenwalt, GM-ATH said...
Thank you for commenting about our sports coverage. Because we are a small daily newspaper, we are only able to afford one full-time sports reporter. This reporter must cover six fall varsity teams with all their games, meets and matches, keep on top of the regional college sports teams, go through the national sports news, photograph and layout the sports pages. We do our best to report the scores, publish some photos and write some stories for the JV, Freshman, Middle School and St. Agnes, but with multiple sports for each of those, that adds another 20 plus teams to follow. It just isn't possible. Most of the coverage you desire is left to the coaches of those teams and unfortunately, they aren't all great about getting us information. This is something we will work on though. And we will continue to try even harder to cover more of what our readers want to see. If parents or other spectators wish to forward photos and/or scores, we would be happy to consider them for publication. Thanks again for commenting!

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  1. Why don't you get an intern from High School or the Spud?
    I definately agree, High School sports should take presidence over Middle School


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