Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Board Request City To Forgive Building Fees On New Building

From "Have An Idea For A Topic", Anonymous said...
The School Board asking the City of Alliance to forgive the building fees for the new performing arts center should be a topic of discussion. I am all for the performing arts center, but disagree with asking others to forgive legitimate fees. What benefits are there for the city to forgive its fees?


  1. It would be generous of the city to waive this cost of $18,414 however the school Administrator's and Board knew this needed to be covered prior to ground breaking along with all the complications and protocol of such a large expansive construction. It is generally said that anyone taking on a construction task can assume 20 percent more than originally expected. I'm guessing for this 6 million dollar project it will be more. My question is "was this brought up among city organizer's, District and beyond the slight problem of additional cost coverage?" At the meeting I felt I was overeacting a bit, however I was reassured stimulus fund's and small tax adjustment's would solve any slight. What is the status of the stimulus funding? A project of this magnitude should be micro it? As with so many positive investment's expect 'grabbing your tighty whities... running with it... predicting a bit of a wedgie'.

  2. The new building will benefit every person in Alliance, not just the schools. The fees should be waived. Period.

  3. Gov. Heineman sent a letter to NSEA Union Leader Jess Wolf dated Jun 9,2009 regarding $1.5 billion Nebr. received in stimulus with $234 million going to state aid for schools. It was interesting Gov. Heineman worked with the teacher's union but stressed stimulus be used to help those that would ultimately benefit the most the "classroom". He stressed that he is against mandating district's use of stimulus however encourages Teacher's wages to be raised to a competitive rate. Nebraska Teacher's are ranked 45th in the country. He encourages stimulus funds to be used for hiring and retaining effective, qualified teacher's. Interesting he mentioned his 4 years as Gov. and slipped in that he did not support this stimulus money to go to Administer's. Quote: "I've grown increasingly concerned substatial increases in state aid have not been reflected in teacher's pay. Superintendent salaries seem to be increasing at a significant rate while teacher's salaries are not." An even more interesting article is in the by Margery A Beck dated Sept. 27, 2009. Question? How does this end of the state compete with Omaha and Lincoln School District's? Blog's are worth reading. Teacher's conferences are upon us; for me to be fair-minded I want the fact's.

  4. APS Scores,
    Whatever! This is about "No Child Left Behind"
    Signed into law January 2001. It's 2010. Why get stressed out now. It should be mentioned that there are school's and states who are rising to the occasion. I read it and the criticism. I won't point a finger. It is simple it will be out of control come 3-5 years being on a failing status (2014)compliance. Reading the thing gives parent's the right to make noise and demand the state do something giving us option's expectation of improvement ensuring no child trapped in a failing school. The Fed's will step in the state will be obligated to make drastic changes. Grant's are going to those disrict's achieving acceptable standards. Here we are bonded to this performing art's addition, we aren't going to get up to snuff which means no grant's, less money to our failing system and so we are going to have to cut back on electives, art, music, clubs, sport to focus on reading, writing, math, and science. Mr. Hoesing said himself that he will be out of a job along with the principal...But atleast we have the performing arts addition and a 6 million dollar property investment with a 30 year loan with interest. Like Sue asked is the stimulus check in the bank yet?

  5. Sometime ago I contacted the Education Action Group lead by Kyle Olson. I wanted to know if there was any merit to my concern's with our Performing Art's Addition. Mr. Ben Velderman replied with this email:
    Education Action Group just ran a billboard campaign in Southwest Ohio with the tagline, "Our Public Schools Have A Spending Problem."
    The adults in charge of our school system oftentimes have an agenda that revolves around what they want, what meets their needs without much thought of what's really best for the children and the taxpayers. What you've described with the $6 million performing arts center seems to fit this pattern.
    After reading your original email, I did some digging, eventually called the local newspaper. They sent an email with a story about recent school board meeting which confirmed what you'd written.
    However, their email message included their view that while the school has been on the lowest performing list, that was unfair, and the paper believes that Alliance Schools are good.
    So, it's definely an uphill battle you're facing.
    It's has been six years my child has been attending the Alliance Puplic School System. (2004) For us it has been a nightmare. I can't describe to you the ongoing fear of feeling helpless. I believe my child is a gift to society. It is not enough that my child is sweet, kind, a pleasure to have in class, and work's very hard. My defiance is to the message I get from the school that because of the challenges my child faces academically my child should deminish a dream of a four year college and limit her aspiration to technical field's or just aiming to graduate. The experience at AHS has downgraded her aspiration of being anything she chooses. Ultimately it is up to me to reaffirm to my child that we are not limited to a "one size fit's all reality". The school can not speak to "unfairness". What is happening to my child is grossly degligent...unfair? I am certain my child is not alone. As a parent I am not helpless, I can advocate in any means necessary. I may not have had a vote in this decision for the addition however education must come first in the mind's of parent's. Spin this however you like APS "EDUCATIONG OUR CHILDREN COMES ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE!" Three years before publishing of 'low standing' I was present, I was there, involved. Current culture of 'Waiting For Superman', failing school's everywhere, No Child Left Behind coming to fruition. There is no better time but now to speak to this really big problem!
    Signed 'Anonymous" because we have been punished enough.


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